• We use zebrafish embryos as a model to study human infectious diseases

  • With fluorescent colors we can visualize the cells of the zebrafish immune system

  • Microscopy imaging helps learning how immune cells engulf and fight harmful microbes

  • We develop zebrafish models to screen new drugs for human disease treatment

  • European funding supports the training of young scientists in the FishForPharma network


Training Network on Zebrafish Infection Models for Pharmaceutical Screens. 

FishForPharma is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the 7th Framework People Programme of the European Commission. The project will run for 4 years from January 2012. It brings together leading European research groups that have pioneered the use of zebrafish infection models and partners from the Biotech and Pharma sectors that aim to commercialise zebrafish tools for biomedical applications.

The main objectives of FishForPharma are:

• To exploit zebrafish as a high-throughput model for human infectious disease research and drug development programmes.

• To train a new generation of young researchers with multi-disciplinary skills to introduce zebrafish models into biomedical science and pre-clinical drug screening.