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    Feb 3, 2014

    Accessory molecules for Toll-like receptors in teleost fish

    Collaboration between two FishForPharma partners, Wageningen and Leiden Universities resulted in this paper on the identification of accessory molecules in teleost fish which are important for biosynthesis and activation of Toll-like receptors.

    Click here for the paper

  • Event
    Jan 21, 2014

    Registration is now open for ZDM7

    Online registration for ZDM7 Conference is now open. Book your place now to take advantage of the discounted early registration fees.

    Visit ZDM7 website

  • Publication
    Jan 16, 2014

    Review paper on host defence mechanisms of zebrafish

    This paper highlights important new findings in host defence mechanisms against bacterial pathogens unraveled by the use of zebrafish larvae for studying microbial infections.

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  • Publication
    Jan 7, 2014

    Plos Pathogens paper on hypoxia signaling and nitric oxide defence to mycobacterium infection

    Two partners from the FishForPharma network, Leiden University and Sheffield University, published a joint paper showing that manipulation of the host genetic pathway responsible for detecting low oxygen levels causes a decrease in mycobacterial infection in zebrafish via a nitric oxide dependent mechanism.

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  • Event
    Dec 30, 2013

    ZDM7 Abstract Submission Now Open

    The abstract submission system is now open for the 7th Zebrafish Disease Models Conference (ZDM7) which will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA from June 28th-July 1st. This conference follows on the success of six other ZDM Conferences which have brought together the best scientists in the field to focus on the latest science using zebrafish to model disease. Speakers will cover topics ranging including infection, cancer biology, live-imaging, genetics and etiology of disease, chemical biology, stem cells and novel therapies entering the clinic.

    For further details visit the ZDM7 website

  • News
    Oct 18, 2013

    FishForPharma Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop 2014

    ZF-Screens, a partner of FishForPharma consortium, is announcing the Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop to be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, from 28 till 30 January 2014. A three-day workshop with keynote lectures and a hands-on section on processing of Illumina RNAseq data is open for our Marie Curie fellows and other interested scientists as well.

    Download the flyer for the programme and the application details

  • Publication
    Oct 15, 2013

    Paper on microRNA expression during bacterial infection in zebrafish

    New paper with a FishForPharma fellow, Julien Rougeot as a co-author has been published identifying infection-inducible microRNA families that are conserved between zebrafish and human and showing that one of these, the miR-146 family, affects apolipoprotein gene expression during infection.                                                                                                              

    Click here to read the paper

  • Publication
    Sep 25, 2013

    Visualizing host-pathogen interactions in zebrafish larvae

    Two excellent examples in Plos Pathogens of how host-pathogen interactions can be visualized in zebrafish larvae:

    Palha N et al PLoS Pathog. 2013

    Mostowy S et al PLoS Pathog. 2013


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