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    Apr 30, 2013

    FishForPharma meeting report

    During the last 10 days the FishForPharma fellows were together in Wageningen, the Netherlands, for our biannual project meeting and a series of training workshops in fish immunology, drug discovery, and scientific communication. They had a great time both scientifically and socially.

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  • Publication
    Apr 25, 2013

    Zebrafish reference genome

    Zebrafish researchers world wide have looked out for the reference genome sequence of their favourite model organism. It is published in today's issue of Nature. The highlights: 70% of human genes have at least one obvious zebrafish counterpart and as much as  84% of genes linked with human disease can be found in zebrafish. An ongoing project now aims to systematically unravel the effects of mutations in every zebrafish protein-coding gene.

    Read here the first and here the second publication

  • Publication
    Apr 17, 2013

    New publicly accessible antimycobacterial leads by GSK to fuel open-source drug discovery

    With the aim of fuelling open-source drug discovery activities, GSK has recently made a set of new antimycobacterial small-molecule compounds publicly accessible. Several of these leads are now being tested in FishForPharma to validate the use of the zebrafish tuberculosis infection model as a translational tool for tuberculosis drug discovery.

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  • Publication
    Mar 27, 2013

    New zebrafish models for human immune diseases

    Two recent papers, published in Disease Models and Mechanisms and in The Journal of Immunology, report on new zebrafish models for studying human infectious diseases and immune disorders developed by Leiden University in projects running in parallel to FishForPharma.

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    Feb 21, 2013

    Automation methods for zebrafish research

    ZF-HEALTH consortium and EuFishBioMed COST action partners organizes `Automation methods for zebrafish research` at University of Leiden, between 18-19 April 2013. The idea is to provide a platform for networking and scientific exchange between scientists from all disciplines involved in drug discovery, toxicology and developmental biology with providers of technology for handling and high-throughput screening of zebrafish. Internationally renowned keynote speakers will constitute the framework for presentations and hands-on lab workshops with manufacturers and suppliers of innovative automation technology will be provided. Deadline for registration: 18th of March 2013.

    For more information about the registration and programme visit the website.

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    Jan 25, 2013

    2nd FishForPharma Review Meeting and Training Workshops

    The 14th (Zebra)Fish Immunology Workshop (21-25 April, 2013, Wageningen, The Netherlands) will be followed by the 2nd FishForPharma Review Meeting on 25 - 26 April, Drug Discovery workshop on 27 April and Scientific publishing& communication workshop between 28 and 30 April, 2013.

    Further information on the agenda will be posted later here on this website.

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    Jan 22, 2013

    14th (Zebra)Fish Immunology Workshop

    The Cell Biology and Immunology Group of Wageningen University will organize the 14th (Zebra)Fish Immunology Workshop from 21 to 25 April, 2013 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The objective of the workshop is to provide advanced, both theoretical and practical, knowledge on the immune system of fish with extra attention being paid to the latest advances in fish immunology using the zebrafish model. Latest insights in the evolution of the immune system as well as related issues such as vaccination and animal welfare will be discussed. 

    For more information about the programme and registration visit the website

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    Dec 17, 2012

    Abstract submission for the 8th European Zebrafish Meeting

    The 8th European Zebrafish Meeting is going to be organized between 9-13 July, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Abstract Submission has already opened from 15 November 2012. Deadline for abstract submission: 24 March 2013.

    More information on sessions, workshops and keynote speakers on the meeting's website


European funding supports the training of young scientists in the FishForPharma network