Training plan

FishForPharma is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Marie-Curie People Programme. Initial Training Networks offer early-stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills, join established research teams and enhance their career prospects. 


11 PhD students and 3 early stage post docs participate in the FishForPharma research and training programme. They all conduct original research projects in the area of infectious disease research using the zebrafish as a model system. Transfers between research teams in the network give them excellent opportunities for training in specialised techniques.

FishForPharma workshops in specialised skills

Zebrafish basics - September 2012, Paris, France
Two-day workshop on zebrafish husbandry and facility management, techniques for microinjection infection, transgenesis, and microscopic imaging of zebrafish embryos. 

Immunology -  April 2013, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Four-day theoretical and practical workshop where invited expert lecturers will discuss latest insights in evolution of the immune system, comparative analysis of fish and mammalian/human innate and adaptive immunity, and infection models. Two afternoons provide practical hands-on training in immunological assays and gene synteny analysis.

Drug Discovery – April 2013, Wageningen, The Netherlands
In a one-day workshop experts from GlaxoSmithKline will provide the trainees with a Pharma-oriented perspective on all aspects of the drug discovery process.

Genomics and Bioinformatics – January 2014, Leiden, The Netherlands
Three-day workshop on next-generation sequencing technologies, RNA deep sequencing, genome assembly and annotation, and proteomics. The workshop will consist of lectures by invited experts, combined with practical bioinformatics sessions to provide training in the use of genomics databases and software programmes for analysis of genomic data sets. The specialized skills workshops will be open also to young scientists from outside the network. Check the News and Events page for programmes and application details.

FishForPharma workshops on complementary skills
FishForPharma will organize the following workshops for training in interpersonal, science communication, and industrial skills:

  • Personal development planning
  • Getting your message across: Scientific Publishing and Communication
  • Career Development course ‘Building a Successful Career in Science and How to apply and interview for scientific positions’
  • Project management, commercialisation, and Intellectual Property Rights

FishForPharma Dissemination Conference
All PhD students and post docs trained in the FishForPharma network will be invited to present their work in a conference, tentatively planned as a satellite to the 2015 EMBO meeting. 


European funding supports the training of young scientists in the FishForPharma network